Driving in the dark, choosing the right bulbs for more safety driving.

Dr.Martin 's quote on light .
Driving in the dark is dangerous sometimes, the reason why most drivers look for the better option of light to brighten up the night.

Drivers always face issues with their car headlight bulb becoming dull.

Greater visibility also means improved safety.
It gives drivers more confidence to drive during nighttime conditions when there is little
outside lighting, choosing the right bulb will make nighttime driving
much easier because of the increased level of visibility: Giving driver a smooth and safe driving journey.

When searching for what type of bulbs to use, drivers are advised to
better to do a research online or offline(driving to a nearby workshop to give it a try) to prevent purchasing the wrong size of the bulb and prevent purchasing cheap imitation
bulb that is less brightness that it is introduced. Here are few suggestions of what steps
you should take when comes to purchasing a right and suitable bulb to use for your headlight.

Purchasing online :
1-View video of the bulb light output before purchase.
2-Make sure the bulb size provided by the seller is correct.
3-Get guidance on light output adjustment after purchasing.

Purchasing in-store :
-Drive in the vehicle for the mechanic to help check the size of the bulb.
2-Make sure the store has proper adjusting tools and measurements.
3-Check the light output after installations are done.

Bulb’s Advantages / Disadvantages

There are also advantages and disadvantages to HID xenon bulbs, halogen bulbs and LED bulbs,
Here’s a picture breakdown of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of bulb that will help the decision-making process easier :

Comparison of bulbs advantages and disadvantages .


Reading bulbs and headlight reviews will help you pick for the best, efficient, affordable, durable and the brightest headlight and bulbs. Each type of the bulbs and headlight products have their advantages and disadvantages. Try to narrow down the choices and it could greatly assist you with your purchase.

Below are videos of Halogen bulb and LED bulb for review


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