Looking to modify your car? Here are a few points that you need to understand.

Modifying your car is not an out of this world issue to undertake. Everyone does that and you can join them as well to make sure that your prized possession takes an all the new look. For that you have to guarantee that you do something sensible so that your investment is justified at the end of the day. Let us look into some aspects of car modification.


When it comes to painting your car or putting on vinyl stickers you need to keep in mind a lot of things. Let us look into them in some details.

  • Deal with the rust
  • Use body filter that is of high quality
  • Block sanding


The most effective way of guaranteeing that rust will not play spoilsport by causing wear and tear and body decay is by removing it entirely. Just get rid of the chuck of metal and weld in a fresh piece of metal in its place for the best results.

Another way of countering rust is by treating it chemically. This is especially applicable for areas with light surface or superficial rust. Chemical treatment will ensure that the situation does not worsen. These chemical treatments can come in form of liquids that can be sprayed or gels. 


When it comes to modifying the color of the body panels, the first step is making the surface smooth and suitable for painting. You can use different types of low quality body filter, which are cheap but they will not last as long as their high end or quality counterparts.


Block sanding can be used to sand the body fillers as it includes application of filters across the body panel, which makes it smooth.

Then the issue of using vinyl car stickers or car wrappers comes. You will find a number of companies in Malaysia that provide car painting services and services that include putting on car stickers and car wrappers. All these companies have their websites and you can choose the product of your choice or the service you want from them. Just choose the one you want, submit the quote request, wait for the reply from the service providers’ end, discuss the quote with the supplier and book the service.

Pros and Cons  

Here are a few pros and cons of car stickers or car wrappers –


  • These companies provide a sea of possibilities so far as decorating your car is concerned
  • These products can minimize the extent of surface damage in case of minor accidents
  • This will protect the skin of your car, thereby minimizing your future investment
  • You can decorate your car as per your personal choice
  • You will be able to express your style statement and your imaginative prowess with the help of the products.


One risk that you need to take into account is that very few of these service providers are certified. Make sure that you do not opt for anything that will damage the surface of your car.


You might be proud of your car, but there are instances when even the best cars have lights that are not that sharp or that effective in long distance lighting. That is where products from Eagle Eye score over the others.

The products of Eagle Eye include 100 percent automotive lamps that include head, rear, corner, side, bumper, fog, and CHMSL lamps. The company comes up with products of the best quality to ensure safest drives for its customers. From the year 2000 till today, the company invests substantially to upgrade its R&D and photometric tests, and other required high end assessments and evaluation to come up with the products that are amongst the best in the world in terms of efficiency. Go for these products and see the difference.


Rims are the most vital noticeable part of your car and make a lot of difference so far its performance is concerned. They have a huge impact on how your vehicle performs and also influence its drivability. Choose Sport rims or Alloy rims as per your requirement.


Opt for the best seats that will not only make you feel comfortable, but will sharpen the looks of your car. There are a number of Malaysian companies that design and customize the leather seat covers and upholsteries to suit your need and budget.


You can surely go for the Windows tints of your choice for your car to protect your privacy or for stopping the sunlight from entering. However, you need to adhere to the new Motor Vehicles Rules 2016 clauses, which have set the following rules for minimum VLT or Visible Light transmission:

  • 70 % for the front windscreen
  • 50 % for front windows
  • 30 % for rear windows and rear windscreen.

Authorities will slap a penalty of 2000 RM or a 6-month jail sentence or both for flouting the rules for the first time and then the penalty will be 4000 RM or 1 year jail term or both. Several check posts have been put up for spot checking.


You can opt for the best reverse, front, side parking sensors along with the best cameras for your vehicles that will reduce your blind spot, which is extremely crucial for driving and parking your car in the blind lanes. Again, Malaysia is home to some of the best companies that offer these accessories at modest price.


The in dash GPS and Bluetooth connectivity will help you connect with things around you and make sure you can pick up your location at any given point in time. The Remote switch control and the other body kits and accessories like front and back bumpers and side skirts and the best fog lamps will complete the finesse of your car and make it your pride and your friends’ envy.

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