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Term of Service

FAQ Shipping & Delivery

All our domestic deliveries would be executed by the following logistic companies: Transmark, Airpak Express.

Once your order is successfully placed, our customer service team will verify and confirm your order through email, phone or SMS. After verification of order, you will receive the tracking number via SMS and a copy of Invoice via Email. Expectedly, you will receive the order according to the following schedule:

  • 1 to 3 business days for Peninsular Malaysia (Excluding Sundays and Holidays)
  • 5 to 6 business days for East Malaysia (Excluding Sundays and Holidays)

On business days (excluding Sundays and Holidays), all orders will be dispatched from the warehouse within 24 hours of order placement. For any order placement on Saturday and Sunday, the shipment will follow the next week.

Once the order is out of the warehouse, you can track it. The tracking number* will be made available to you through a delivery notification email**.

*Logistics companies provide the tracking number to Eagle Eyes. We cannot be held responsible in any way for errors in logistics or provider’s website content.

**For updating tracking information on the logistic company’s website, it may take 24 hours.

Aramex, a logistics provider, will be handling our international shipping assignments.

After successful order placement, your order will be verified and confirmed by our customer service team via email. Following this, you will receive an email containing the invoice copy and tracking number.

The order will expectedly follow the below schedule for all overseas shipments:

  • 14 business days (excluding Sundays and Holidays)

Dispatch of orders will take place within 24 hours (excluding Sundays and Holidays). If any order is received on Saturday or Sunday, shipping will be done the next week.

You will receive a delivery notification email confirming the order dispatch. It will contain the tracking number.


  1. The logistic company’s website can take 24 hours to update tracking information
  2. ‘Eagle Eyes’ obtains tracking number from logistic companies, so we have no liability in case of any error in logistics or the provider’s website content.
  3. Fees, customs duties and import taxes may be imposed by the destination country on any order shipped out of Malaysia. Custom policies of different destination countries might differ.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, one who receives the international shipment will be paying all additional charges involved in international shipping. The total payable amount varies according to the product price.

FAQ Warranty Terms & Condition

At Eagle Eyes, we provide the original owner of the product with a one-year warranty period starting from the original retail purchase date.

At Eagle Eyes, we reserve the authority to decide whether the original owner has properly followed the terms of warranty.

The warranty covers replacement and repair of component(s) and part(s) in case the product mentioned in Warranty Certificate stops working due to electrical and mechanical breakdown only.

The warranty will only be applicable for a product if:

  1. It is bought from Eagle Eyes Malaysia
  2. It is manufactured for personal and domestic use in Malaysia only
  3. Original invoice and warranty card from Eagle Eyes accompanies the purchase.

The replacement and repair expenses of component(s) and part(s) (incorporating labor charges but excluding transport fees) or all claims taken together should not exceed the product’s Dealer Purchase Price. 

All conditions stated above maintained, in case the expenses of repair or total repairs is expected to be more than the product’s prevailing dealer price, then a settlement will be offered in the form of a similar product or product with same functionality. The warranty cover will prematurely cease to exist from the date of replacement.

Once the product is replaced, the customer should bear the total cost of further replacement or repair including cost of parts, replacements costs, transport costs and labor.

* If spare parts are available, it will take 14 days to complete each warranty repair

* We will offer replacement of a lamp in case there is no availability of spare parts within 30 days.

The warranty policy does not cover the following:

  • Defects or issues arising out of unauthorized modifications or inability to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, operating and maintaining
  • If any unauthorized repair personnel causes any damage, it will not be covered.
  • Any replacement or repair of covered products that is not authorized
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, accident and fire or by natural disasters like storm, surges, earthquake, flood, tempest, lightning, rising water, inappropriate current or voltage, malicious damage, battery leakage, vehicle impact, insect or animal infestation, and the like.
  • Defects that are bound by a manufacturer’s recall or reimbursable according to the manufacturer’s program
  • Products not accompanied by authentic warranty card
  • Products having serial numbers altered or removed
  • All transport damages and consequential losses
  • Installation of accessories or parts that are not in line with the specifications and quality standards of the original parts.
  • Any breakage or improper functioning arising out of the side effects of installation of appliances like HID kits.

FAQ Headlight

Can safety driving be ensured with headlights from Eagle Eyes?

– Yes. This is possible, particularly in countries like Malaysia, where the number of lamp posts on streets and roads is less. As per Malaysia Institute of Road Safety, the probability of traffic deaths becomes three times more at night.

An effective pair of headlights can increase the driver’s reaction time and boost the chances of avoiding road mishaps. Moreover, these headlights improve dark vision during inclement weather conditions, allowing other drivers to easily spot you.

Can your products solve the issue of poor visibility during heavy rains?

– Yes. Usually reflector headlights are used in cars, which lead to poor focus and inadequate light reflection. But at Eagle Eyes we use projector headlight which can solve the problem of poor visibility by centralizing light output for powerful penetration during the rains.

My vehicle presently has reflector headlight. When there are no street lights at night, I feel insecure while driving due to poor night visibility. I am aware that this may lead to accidents. How can I solve it?

The light focusing capability of reflector headlights is limited to approximately 70 feet of beam distance. Contrary to this, projector headlights have the ability to centralize the light output, which leads to approximately 140 feet of beam distance. This enables the driver to see through a larger distance, react faster, and stay away from accidents that tend to happen on the road when street lights are not there. In fact all your visibility requisites will be effectively fulfilled by a pair of quality projector headlights.

Is there any need for headlight replacement when projector headlight is already there in my vehicle?

– With Asian and other local car manufacturers going for cost-cutting, European Standard Quality is not maintained in the projectors used. Although these headlights would be brighter in comparison to general reflector headlights, the light output won’t fulfill the European standards.

Headlights from Eagle Eyes have obtained the ECE (European Standard) Qualification, and hence constitute a better option.

What is the longevity of the LED projectors of your headlights?

– Eagle Eyes’ headlights are produced using the most advanced technology and hence are highly efficient. Our headlights’ LED projectors, under general conditions, last for 4 to 5 years, which is more compared to the lifespan of normal headlights which is usually 2 to 3 years, after which the light emitted becomes dull.

Will the installation of headlights from Eagle Eyes affect other drivers?

– There will not be any problem of your headlight blinding other drivers with its glare. We take into consideration the international optical lighting standard while measuring the beam patterns, in order to ensure enhanced safety for you and other

How does your headlight differ from other branded headlights available in the market?

– Our headlights have superior quality projectors, with high grade inner steel plate forming the perfect cut-off line. This helps in projection of high quality RHD (Right Hand Drive) curve line. Other branded headlights come with LHD (Left Hand Drive) inner plate projector or Crystal Reflector which leads to inappropriate output and improper light beam, causing blinding glare and subsequent accidents.

How does a Left Hand Driving Headlight differ from a Right Hand Driving one?

– LHD headlights support left road side driving and is majorly installed in the countries of Australia, Indonesia, China, amongst others. This means that if you are using LHD headlights in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea or Japan, where driving on the right is the rule, you headlights will create a blinding glare for oncoming drivers. This may in turn cause minor accidents, or lead to penalty.

How does my current light differ from Eagle Eyes’ headlight?

Crystal reflectors are present in normal headlights, which reflect more causing reduced visibility during the daytime. Contrary to this, headlights from Eagle Eyes comprise Projector Lamps with daylight facilities. This not only enhances visibility and attention during the daytime but also at night.

My vehicle has a pair of reflector headlights. Previously there was an issue with the bulbs being dull, so I replaced them with the brighter Kelvin bulbs. Still I am not getting good visibility with my headlight. Can you solve this?

In case of reflector headlights, the bulb emits light and reflects it to the maximum extent, depending upon the Kelvin temperature.

The casing of these headlights have chrome reflective walls, due to the shape of which the direction of the beam emitted cannot be controlled. This results in increased scattering of light. If high voltage light sources are used, the chrome reflective walls would be damaged due to the heat, causing low visibility after a period of time.

Given this, projector headlights do not reflect the light but project it. This allows increased control over the light beam’s trajectory. The beam is wider and more efficient.

FAQ Tail Light

Yes. LED taillights make driving safer by providing more night visibility to vehicles. Conventional taillight fixtures come with single bulbs, but LED fixtures constitute a system of numerous light bulbs. Moreover, LED lights are emitted in the form of minute, colorful, dazzling lights, which ensures that your car can be easily spotted by other car drivers behind you.

LED lights consume minimal energy to maintain their functionality. Therefore, LED taillights do not put much stress on the car batteries. So, car batteries experience better longevity, resulting in cost savings.

LED taillights are extremely durable and last for a decade or more. While the conventional incandescent lights tend to break, the LED lights are not prone to breakage since there is no filament and the heat released is extremely concentrated.

LED lights can deal with severe road conditions, and may not suffer any damage even after exposure to intense thermal shocks and road vibrations. Moreover, LED lights are comparatively cooler as they produce lesser amount of heat. Hence, the plastic car components in the proximity are protected. 

No, it is very easy. Once you have the proper materials, you can go for LED taillight installation without professional help.

The technology behind LED is quite young, and the cost of maintaining quality product is high. However, the price has decreased currently and is expected to drop more.

The cost is quite justified keeping in mind the energy efficiency achieved when you switch over to LED. Considering the upfront cost and operational cost of LED in comparison to other bulbs, you will definitely save more money.

Yes. If you can let us know the right vehicle model and year of manufacturing, we will provide you the correct product, which is suitable for your vehicle, and provides for easy installation. All lights go through quality control during manufacture, to prevent issues like vehicle error codes.