The Importance of Car Headlights

80% of serious car accidents in Malaysia happen at night! The importance of direct headlamps

By – 2017-07-29

Translation of picture captions: There are always so many traffic accidents at night… And it’s all because of the lack illumination by the car headlamps!

Among the increasing number of car buyers brought about by rapid economic development, how many people actually considers the specifications of the car’s headlamp when buying a car? Did you know that many car accidents happen due to poor visibility?

The lack of adequate illumination by the car’s headlamps is the biggest contributor behind car accidents, according to a research done by the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Accidents happen as a result of the drivers being unable to brake and give way due to the poor visibility caused by the limited illumination range and dimness of the headlights.

In order to prevent traffic accidents from happening, it is vital to start with the car headlamps. Lets look at the reasons why headlamps are the main culprits behind car accidents!

1 . The brightness of the headlamps decreases and dims as time passes.

The average car headlamp wears down and deteriorates over time causing the illumination strength to become weaker. If you own a Halogen Headlamp, the illumination strength of the typical halogen headlamp will deteriorate up to 70% after a period of 10 to 12 months. But did you know that headlamps with less than 50% of the normal brightness are actually not ideal for night time driving?

2 . The color temperature of the lightbulb is not white enough.

When driving, our eyes are typically strained. Upon seeing the yellow cast brought about by dawn or dusk, our ability to distinguish colors and shapes are greatly weakened, causing fatigue to our eyes and even body! So, in order to improve the safety of night driving, drivers should choose LED headlamps that resemble natural daylight to meet our physiological needs.  The safety of such LED headlamps are comparable to that of daytime driving and can greatly reduce the tiredness brought about by night vision!

Highlighted the part because it kind of doesn’t make sense since the eyes does not have physiological needs. I personally think that should and can remove that part but translated it just in case the customer wants it.

3 . The illumination depth and range of the headlamp is inadequate.

Poor illumination as a result of the limited depth and range can result in drivers being unable to see the road obstacles, causing them to be unable to react on time – especially since the visibility at night can be as low as 50%! Under the dim light, the eyes are unable to easily differentiate the road obstacles nor traffic signages. Typically, headlamps with a greater depth and wider range can achieve a higher reaction time for drivers, allowing a higher rate of survival in emergency situations.

4. Chose a headlamp of low grade.

Every car is given a low, medium or high grade during its production from the car factory! And one of the key reasons why the pricing for every grades differ so much is because of the different type of headlamps used for the different combinations of specifications for each grade. If you are equipped with the cheap Halogen headlamp, it is time to consider upgrading to a headlamp of a higher grade!

5 . Suffering from indecision.

Are you suffering from indecision due to the multitude of choices available on the market? A good tip will be to select a headlamp of good quality and higher price in order to not compromise with the safety of driving and endanger both the lives of the driver and other road users as a result of the poor headlamp quality. Even though headlamps seem small and insignificant, the headlamp is a really important and indispensable tool that can help save your life.

6 reasons why you should pick Eagles Eyes LED Safety Headlamps

The short lifespan, poor illumination range and lack of brightness of headlamps are the biggest contributors to the fatality of car accidents! So, why not ensure your safety by choosing Eagle Eyes LED Safety Headlamps? The advantages of the headlamp are as follow:

1 . 3 times brighter than the default headlamp.

2 . Has an additional illumination depth of 100 metres as compared to the Halogen Headlamp.

3 . Has the ability to save up to 65% of the energy.

4 . Has the perfect beam with an anti-glare function that will not blind the vision of the opposite traffic, lowering the risk of car accidents.

5 . Has sufficient light penetration to allow you to drive safely at night, even in dark rainy days without affecting your vision

6 . Has a long lifespan of more than a thousand hours

Advantages of Eagle Eyes Projector LED Headlamps

1 .The only Road Transport Department (JPJ) certified headlamp – as such there is no worry of being fined after installing it.

2 . Brighter headlamps, safer night driving.

3 . All the headlamps are of good quality and long lifespan.

4 . Headlamp with an aesthetic sense that makes your beloved car more unique.

5 . All headlamp products have warranty and after sales service.

6 . All of the sold headlamps have gone through stringent testing to ensure safety.

7 . The website allows you to have a detailed understanding of the headlamps before you buy it.

Want to know more about our safety headlamps? Come to Eagle Eyes sales hall! Our warm and friendly staff will explain to you the various functions of our headlamps! Regardless of where your car is manufactured at, whether is it local, Japan, Korea or even Europe, you can change your headlamps at here! For the safety of your driving, choosing a good quality headlamp that has its safety guaranteed is really important!

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