Taillight (FAQ)

Do LED Taillights Increase Road Safety?

Yes. LED taillights make driving safer by providing more night visibility to vehicles. Conventional taillight fixtures come with single bulbs but LED fixtures to constitute a system of numerous light bulbs. Moreover, LED lights are emitted in the form of minute, colourful, dazzling lights, which ensures that your car can be easily spotted by other car drivers behind you.

How Energy Efficient Is LED Taillight?

LED lights consume minimal energy to maintain their functionality. Therefore, LED taillights do not put much stress on car batteries. So, car batteries experience better longevity, resulting in cost savings.

How Long Does LED Taillight Last?

LED taillights are extremely durable and last for a decade or more. While the conventional incandescent lights tend to break, the LED lights are not prone to breakage since there is no filament and the heat released is extremely concentrated.

LED lights can deal with severe road conditions, and may not suffer any damage even after exposure to intense thermal shocks and road vibrations. Moreover, LED lights are comparatively cooler as they produce a lesser amount of heat. Hence, the plastic car components in the proximity are protected.

Is It Difficult To Install LED Taillight?

No, it is very easy. Once you have the proper materials, you can go for an LED taillight installation without professional help.

LEDs Are More Expensive Compared To Other Bulbs. Is The Cost Justified?

The technology behind LED is quite young, and the cost of maintaining a quality product is high. However, the price has decreased currently and is expected to drop more.

The cost is quite justified keeping in mind the energy efficiency achieved when you switch over to LED. Considering the upfront cost and operational cost of LED in comparison to other bulbs, you will definitely save more money.

Do Lightings From Eagle Eyes Have Plug And Play Functionality?

Yes. If you can let us know the right vehicle model and year of manufacturing, we will provide you with the correct product, which is suitable for your vehicle and provides for easy installation. All lights go through quality control during manufacture, to prevent issues like vehicle error codes.