Warranty Terms & Condition

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Extent of Coverage

The warranty covers replacement and repair of component(s) and part(s) in case the product mentioned in Warranty Certificate stops working due to electrical and mechanical breakdown only.


The warranty will only be applicable for a product if:

  1. It is bought from Eagle Eyes Malaysia
  2. It is manufactured for personal and domestic use in Malaysia only
  3. Original invoice and warranty card from Eagle Eyes accompany the purchase.
  4. Warranty NOT APPLICABLE for oversea


Limit Of Liability

The replacement and repair expenses of component(s) and part(s) (incorporating labour charges but excluding transport fees) or all claims taken together should not exceed the product’s Dealer Purchase Price. 

All conditions stated above maintained, in case the expenses of repair or total repairs are expected to be more than the product’s prevailing dealer price, then a settlement will be offered in the form of a similar product or product with the same functionality. The warranty cover will prematurely cease to exist from the date of replacement.

Once the product is replaced, the customer should bear the total cost of further replacement or repair including the cost of parts, replacements costs, transport costs and labour.

* If spare parts are available, it will take 14 days to complete each warranty repair

* Headlamp or Taillamp Lens is Not Under Warranty Due Wear And Tear Part


The warranty policy does not cover the following:

  • Defects or issues arising out of unauthorized modifications or inability to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, operating and maintaining
  • If any unauthorized repair personnel causes any damage, it will not be covered.
  • Any replacement or repair of covered products that is not authorized. 
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, accident and fire or by natural disasters like storm, surges, earthquake, flood, tempest, lightning, rising water, inappropriate current or voltage, malicious damage, battery leakage, vehicle impact, insect or animal infestation, and the like.
  • Defects that are bound by a manufacturer’s recall or reimbursable according to the manufacturer’s program
  • Products not accompanied by an authentic warranty card
  • Products having serial numbers altered or removed
  • All transport damages and consequential losses
  • Installation of accessories or parts that are not in line with the specifications and quality standards of the original parts.
  • Any breakage or improper functioning arising out of the side effects of installation of appliances like HID kits.