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While most drivers are perfectly happy with the standard headlights installed with their car, some want extra flair that helps their car stand out. For this, aftermarket projector headlights are a consideration. They are also an option for drivers who are not satisfied with the headlights that came with the car. Projector headlights produce a more powerful beam with greater reach, which makes for safer driving.

Projector headlights are among the most popular aftermarket items for vehicles. One likely reason for their popularity is the fact that they come standard on sports cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, and others.

Projector headlights provide several advantages over factory-issue headlights.

Focus beam – Elliptical reflectors in the projector headlight design produce more accurate light dispersal and reduce light scatter.

Style – These headlights generally enhance the look of a car’s front end, adding class and style.

Better night driving – Projector headlight design makes use of lens positioning to produce better light for night driving compared to traditional parabolic reflector headlights.

Safe Beam – The light beam is designed to match the pattern of your existing conventional bulbs to make sure it meets you and other road users safety standard. Safe Beam light output won’t hinder or glare other road users .

The technology behind projector headlights utilizes the shape of the shade edge and precise positioning of the optical system to determine sharpness of the beam. They tend to be brighter than traditional reflector-style headlights. The clear lens produces a brighter beam even though, in most cases, the bulbs are the same strength as factory-installed headlights. An advantage of these headlights is reduction of glare for other drivers.


These lights have been specially designed and made as close to match factory standard, they will replace your original lights directly! Using your factory supplied connector/harness will avoid cutting or modifying any wires.


Our lights not only give your vehicle a new look, they make sure it stand out in the crowd! Many of our lights increase safety and visibility, especially with LED and CCFL technology incorporated in them. All lighting functions are much brighter than standard lights, making you safer on the road for other road users to see.

SKU HL-156
10 kg
93 x 40 x 56 cm
Lens Housing
Light Source
High Beam
Low Beam
In Box
1 SET (Left + Right)
Warranty 1 Year

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RM 1,799.00 MYR

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